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Palestine Flag by Serina Alayed

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Serina Alayed is a Jordanian-Italian artist & lingerie designer who founded her lifestyle brand Sé Rina Refai in 2020 that celebrates women and culture. She has a fundraiser art collection where a percentage of proceeds are donated to Women’s Charities and NGOs, raising awareness of causes she believes in.▪ ️insta account: @serinadiary & @serinarefai▪️ and if you have a paragraph about the design Palestinian women in the last century in Palestine and Jordan have expressed their culture through the beauty of handwoven textiles. I thought of creating a Palestinian flag made of beautiful vintage tatreez designs, that is shared in both Palestinian & Jordanian heritage today. This would empower Palestinian women and spread awareness to help save #SheikhJarrah and protect Palestinian Rights. Thank you so much for considering my art for your fundraiser. I'm really looking forward to this collaboration! Let me know if you need anything else from me. Kind Regards, Serina AlayedFounder & Designer Sé Rina Refai
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