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Palestine 2 By Ghadeer Habash

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BioGhadeer Habash, founder and designer at GHhandmade; established in 2015 with strong passion to art; aiming at embellishing Designers’ handbags by painting them, where each design is applied exclusively! This is how we interpret our slogan “Ultimate Uniqueness”.GH handmade has expanded to fashion designing and painting on fabric as well as to bag designing and producing bags under its own label (GH handmade). GH handmade produces wearable art for a good cause. During five years of dedicated work and participation in the most renowned exhibitions and pop up shops in town, as well as selling on-line, we hold ourselves accountable to continue with our Social Community Responsibility initiatives that supports unprivileged women and orphans in Jordan.Contact Information: Name: Ghadeer Habash, Address: Amman, Email:, Mobile: 0790183662About Ghadeer HabashBorn in Amman; with a passion to art. Had her first small exhibition at the age of 12. BSc. in Applied Chemistry Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Huddersfield. Established GH handmade in 2015 Studied Fashion Design at Design Institute Amman; Designs collections of wearable art.Vision: to continue creating distinguished unique pieces. Participated at Jordan Fashion Week 2019 with SS19 collection and at Amman Design Week 2019 ( FW 2020 relied on 3 D printing on fabric). غدير حبش•ولدت في عمان و لديها شغف كبير للفنون•أقامت معرضا الصغير الأول بعمر 12 عاما•تحمل شهادة البكالوريوس في الكيمياء التطبيقية•تحمل شهادة الماجيستير في التسويق من جامعة هدرسفيلد البريطانية•أسست علامتها التجارية GHhandmade في العام 2015•درست تصميم الأزياء في معهد تصميم عمان•تقوم بتصميم قطع فنية يمكن ارتداؤها!•الرؤية: الاستمرار بتصميم قطع مميزة بأفكار خلاقة شاركت باسبوع الاردن للموضة و الازياء و في اسبوع عمان للتصميم في العام 2019 Instagram: GHhandmadeFacebook: GHhandmadeDesign Description:This design uses line art –which is very trendy-nowadays; to draw a face that makes the word Palestine in Arabic and the last letter represents the key, which is the symbol of returning back to Palestine. The face represents Palestinian diaspora and refugees and the strong belief of returning - one day -to Palestine. Dots are drawn in the shape of tears –tears of blood- to express how horrible the occupation practices are towards Palestinians.يمثل التصميم وجه و يرمز الى فلسطينيي الشتات و اللاجئين حيث رسم الوجه يوضح كلمة فلسطين و حرف النون يمثل المفتاح و هو رمز "العودة الى فلسطين"، كما رسمت النقاط على شكل دموع من الدم لتعبر عن شدة و قساوة ما يمر به أهل فلسطين بسبب بطش الاحتلال.
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